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The Future of the Written Word: Always Write Blog Posts From 2010

A collection of 103 blog posts spanning over 65,000 words, covering e-books, e-readers, the publishing industry, and my own writing endeavors.

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This collection of blog posts from author David Derrico’s Always Write Blog covers developments pertaining to e-books, e-readers, the publishing industry, and Derrico’s own writing endeavors. It includes all his blog posts from the year 2010, a total of 103 posts spanning over 65,000 words, plus pictures.

The posts cover a variety of topics, but the main ones include:

  • E-Books: e-book sales figures, availability, reviews, and features (such as lending, text-to-speech, and DRM).
  • E-Readers: news, tips, and info on e-book reading devices, focusing on Amazon’s Kindle (mainly the Kindle 2 and Kindle 3), with coverage of Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Sony’s E-Readers, the Kobo E-Readers, and Apple’s iPad.
  • Publishing: commentary on the state of book and e-book publishing, and its future, including discussion of e-book pricing, the agency model, and the future of bookstores and printed books.
  • Writing: details about the self-publishing “indie” movement in general and my own writing endeavors in particular, including tips for fellow authors on formatting, retailing, and marketing.

Please note that these blog posts are available for free at Derrico’s blog, located at However, this e-book is formatted and proofread specifically for the Kindle and Nook, and includes a table of contents, chapter waypoints in the locations bar, all images, and the links to other included blog posts have been changed to internal links for your convenience.