Right Ascension



What if mankind had to choose between honor … and its very survival?

“David Derrico’s first novel kept me turning its virtual pages, wanting to read longer each evening than time would permit.”
– Nina M. Osier for eBook-Reviews.net

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Set in the year 3040, Right Ascension explores mankind’s place in the Universe, how we ascended to that lofty position, and the horrifying price of that ascension.

Humanity’s struggle to assume a place of dominance within the galaxy is suddenly called into question when a sleek alien vessel arrives unexpectedly at Earth. Admiral Daniel Atgard and the crew of the Apocalypse embark on a mission to find these enigmatic aliens, but the focus of the mission quickly turns from finding answers to exacting revenge. Meanwhile, a belligerent species of reptilian warriors, seeking to avenge a previous defeat at the hands of the human-controlled United Confederation of Planets, takes this opportunity to plan an all-out assault on Earth. Faced with overwhelming odds and the terrible knowledge of humanity’s most horrifying secret, Daniel must choose between honor… and humanity’s very survival.

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