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The Twiller, just $2.99 at the Amazon Kindle Store

I am pleased to announce that my third novel, The Twiller, won the 2011 Red Adept Reviews Award in the science fiction category! As one of only three sci-fi novels to earn the honor, I am especially grateful.

Check out the post and the other winners here.

Astute readers may remember when I received a 4.75-star review of The Twiller from Red Adept Reviews back in May.

The Twiller is a departure from my Edge of Apocalypse Series (Right Ascension and Declination), as it is a quirky, funny, sometimes silly satire of some of the things I find particularly humorous in our daily lives. The blurb:

Ian Harebungler, our hapless hero, just can’t catch a break. First, the deli ran out of his favorite cucumber sandwiches. Then he left the gas on at home. But the lowlight was being abducted from his front yard by a particularly ill-mannered alien, one who apparently doesn’t believe in anesthetic, no less. Fortunately, Ian is saved by an unlikely ally: the Twiller, whose bravery is somewhat overshadowed by its uncanny resemblance to a floating yellow marshmallow with big eyes.

The Twiller follows the adventures of Ian and his newfound companion as they are whisked around the Universe, and Ian learns how difficult it can be to find his way home to a backwater planet called “Earth.” Along the way, Ian must survive the traffic of El Leigh, the enthusiastic protestors of Bez Erkeley, and rampaging politicians in the city of WMD. Even worse, he must contend with exorbitant prices in the city of York, endure the heat and crazy drivers in Fleur Ida, and struggle to escape the small planet of “Huh? Why E?” before he contracts island fever. Astute readers might pick up on subtle correlations to real places here on Earth, but my lawyers have reminded me to state that such resemblances are purely coincidental.

As it starts to dawn on Ian that the bizarre planets he visits suffer from many of the same problems, comical situations, and inane rules all too familiar to him, he stumbles upon an important secret that gives his quest to return home added urgency. Can Ian make it home? Will he arrive in time to prevent a terrible catastrophe? And can he find a flight without a Saturday night stopover? The answer lies with the Twiller…

You can find more info about The Twiller, including reviews and excerpts, on my website here. You can also purchase it from Amazon or directly from me through PayPal (in e-book or paperback format). At just $2.99 for the e-book, that’s less than your favorite blended coffee drink, and way better for you to boot!

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May 122011

The Twiller, just $2.99 at the Amazon Kindle Store

I am pleased to announce that the well-known book review site Red Adept Reviews posted a review of my third novel, The Twiller, today. I submitted The Twiller for submission back in June of last year, so you can see how well-respected Red Adept is by indie authors, and how inundated with submissions she is!

A big thank you to Red Adept and her review staff — I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

From the review:

4  3/4 stars

It’s funny, really funny. … Author David Derrico came very close to matching Douglas Adams’ farcical, achingly funny style of writing that fit the story so perfectly. … Overall, this was a fun book to read.

Please do check out the full review over at Red Adept Reviews:


You can pick up The Twiller e-book for just $2.99 at:

Or, grab the paperback from:

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Kindle Cheap Reads; Red Adept

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Sep 132010

Thanks to the fine folks over at Kindle Cheap Reads (now called Daily Cheap Reads), who featured yours truly yesterday. They run a very prolific website, featuring inexpensive (under $5) Kindle books and have recently started adding a sampling of independent authors to the mix. Check them out!


Also, here’s a shout out to the famous Red Adept, who tirelessly reviews Kindle books to help you find your next great read. This month, she’s been running an ongoing series of author interviews asking: “Which came first, the character or the plot?” Check out some responses by me and some other great indie authors:


While Red Adept hasn’t chosen to review one of my novels yet, I’ve sent them her way and am keeping my fingers crossed. 😉

UPDATE: Red Adept just posted a 4  3/4-star review of The Twiller! More info here.

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