I started work on Right Ascension in June of 1998 while living at home in Hollywood, Florida. Though I had just graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) with a major in Philosophy, and thus had recently written more papers than any one human being should be forced to produce in a lifetime, for some unknown reason I decided, “Hey, I’ll write a 300-page novel.” So here I am.

I am grateful to my editors, Jay, John, and my father, Daniel, whose help was instrumental in completing Right Ascension and its sequel, Declination (which I wrote while I probably should have been studying in law school). Both books were published in e-book and paperback formats by Bookbooters Press – I was the first author they sought out for publishing in May 2000, and Right Ascension won their inaugural “eBook of the Year” award. Unfortunately, Bookbooters Press shut its doors in 2005. However, the novels are still available for secure online purchase here and through multiple retailers. Once ordered, the paperbacks are shipped within 48 hours, and the e-books are available for immediate download. Can’t wait to start reading? When you purchase any paperback, you get the e-book version for free! How’s that for instant gratification?

Recently, I worked on short stories when the time constraints of my “day job,” as an attorney for a large corporate law firm in Los Angeles, allowed it. Currently, I have “retired” from the legal profession, gotten married, and moved back to South Florida, where I concentrated on writing my third novel, The Twiller. That novel is in a much lighter vein than the Right Ascension series, and follows our helpless protagonist as he navigates a sometimes cruel, often inane, and always funny Universe. The Twiller was released in June 2010, and made it into Amazon’s Top 200 overall in the Kindle store, and #4 in both the “Humor” and “Science Fiction” categories. Click here to check out some excerpts and reviews.

You can enjoy my novels in e-book or paperback format, whichever you prefer. The e-books, which are currently just $2.99, are available in multiple formats through this website, and also through Amazon for the Kindle, where Right Ascension recently claimed the #1 spot on the “Technothriller” bestseller list. Paperbacks are available for purchase here, or also over on Amazon. I am eternally grateful for anyone who wants to head over to Amazon and post a review!

I’m excited to announce the site’s recent major revamp and the inclusion of my “Always Write” blog. Please check out articles on writing, e-books, the publishing industry, and e-readers like the Kindle and iPad–and be sure to sign in and leave a comment or two! As always, I plan to update the site fairly regularly, so if there is anything in particular you wish to see, just send me an email or leave a comment below and I will do my best to accommodate you. Please let me know what you think of the site, the books, or whatever else is on your mind. Thank you for stopping by DavidDerrico.com!

– David

Please email me at with comments/criticisms/whatever.

Click here to purchase Right Ascension, Declination, or The Twiller online!

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  1. I have a question about reviewers: How many do you choose? How much a head of the book release to you get the book to them?

    • I actually don’t provide advance copies or spend as much time and money on procuring reviews as I probably should. Once the book is out, I focus mainly on finding reviewers who will accept electronic copies, since mailing out tons of paper books gets expensive. So I’ll submit many e-copies and maybe a few paper copies. Once I get a few reviews, I usually go back and add them to the front matter of the book (easily being able to update is one of the advantages of e-books and POD).

  2. Thank you very much for your helpful insight on self-publishing e-books. That was very gracious thing to do on your part! I will definitely buy your books, because I do love a bit of science fiction. I have an outline of a book that I am writing, and now that I have more of an idea of what to do to get it out there, I can concentrate on completing it. Thanks again!

  3. Really fantastic book, Right Ascension. Enjoyed all the way over in Scotland. Look forward to starting the next one. Will post positive reviews.