Feb 112011

A pretty good deal here on various models of Sony and Barnes & Noble E-Readers, where Best Buy throws in a free case with e-reader purchase. The e-readers available are:

  • Sony Pocket PRS-350 for $129 (normally $179)
  • Sony Daily PRS-950 for $299
  • B&N Nook Wi-Fi for $149
  • B&N Nook 3G for $199
  • B&N Nook Color for $249

The Sony Pocket is an especially good deal, since it’s also $50 off. And, considering that you can select from a number of cases, including cases with built-in lights that retail for $50, a lighted case and Sony PRS-350 for $129 is a pretty good deal — $100 off the combination.

I’ve previously discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the various Sony E-Readers and B&N Nooks.

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