Jul 202010

I’m pleased to point you over to the blog of fellow indie author Debra Martin, who runs the Two Ends of the Pen blog, where she conducts author interviews and relays e-book news. Debra was kind enough to invite me to be interviewed for her blog, and I really enjoyed the creative questions and the interesting responses they evoked. Here’s a snippet:

Finally, one agent asked for a few more chapters, then the first 100 pages, then the whole manuscript, and then even offered to represent me! I went out and celebrated with my friends, drinking more than was strictly good for me, and then the next morning I actually did some research on this agent. In my hungover state, I learned that the agent had a terrible reputation in the industry, and didn’t have any successful clients to speak of. That was not a happy morning.

Head on over and check out my interview and the rest of Debra’s blog here:


And a big thank you to fellow indie author Nick Spalding, author of Life … With No Breaks. His new Spalding’s Racket blog highlights work by other independent authors — take a look here:


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