Jun 172010

The Twiller, coming June 18!

I am extremely excited to announce that my third novel, The Twiller, is complete and the e-book will be available from Amazon tomorrow for just 99 cents!

[Update: Available NOWClick here!]

Unlike my first two novels, The Twiller is a comedy, a much more casual and fun read that I hope you’ll find entertaining. I drew inspiration for the book from my own experiences, so you may very well find a character you recognize (maybe even you!), a city that seems a bit familiar, or a scene at a law firm that you can relate to. A brief description:

The Twiller is a comedic novel that follows Ian, our hapless hero, as he’s whisked around the Universe after his abduction from Earth. His companion, the Twiller, is about the only alien being who treats humans better than toenail lint. Ian is faced with a series of humorous and bizarre experiences on the worlds he visits, utterly failing to realize the slight similarities to places here on Earth.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me in the past by buying my books or e-books, leaving a review on Amazon, or telling a friend. Thanks to you, my first novel broke the Top 500 (out of over 600,000 titles) in the Amazon Kindle store, and reached #1 in the “Technothriller” category.

Moving up the Amazon bestseller charts does a lot to increase a book’s visibility and sales, and I’d sincerely appreciate your help with my virtual e-book launch of The Twiller. Amazon’s rankings change hourly, and a good hour or two can shoot an e-book up the lists. So I will be eternally grateful to anyone who helps me out by purchasing The Twiller, for just $0.99. If possible, the closer each purchase is to the launch tomorrow (Jun 18) at 6 PM Eastern, the more it will help my ranking. Each sale really does make a big difference when they’re clustered together. I’ll update this post with a link tomorrow when the e-book is available.

If you’d like to read a few excerpts while you wait, please click here. And, if you need any help setting up an Amazon account or downloading the Kindle app for your computer, iPhone, or Blackberry, I’ve posted some instructions here (or just shoot me an email). Thanks again for your time, and thank you VERY much in advance for helping me out!

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