Sony PRS-T1 E-Reader Sale: $129

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Nov 072011

The Sony PRS-T1 e-reader is now just $129

Sony announced today that it is dropping the price of its new touch-based PRS-T1 e-reader by $20, from $149 to just $129.

This new Sony e-reader, which boasts wi-fi connectivity in addition to the touchscreen, weighs in at just 5.93 ounces.

While still above the Kindle 4’s starting price of just $79, the price drop brings the Sony reader down into the right price range. Sony had a history of badly overpricing its e-readers, which prevented it from gaining much market share, at least in the U.S. This holiday season is certainly shaping up to be the year of the sub-$100 e-reader, with Kindles, Nooks, and now Sonys all slashing prices in recent weeks.

For more info on the PRS-T1, please see my previous post here.

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  1. Does anyone know if the nerw Sony E Reader (PRS-T1) can be used to purchase and download e-books from Amazon?

    • Generally, no. Amazon e-books are in MOBI format, while the Sony reads e-books in ePub format.

      As a general rule, e-books that are protected with DRM (most e-books from big publishers are) can not be read on any device other than the one it was intended for (Amazon store e-books on the Kindle, B&N e-books on the Nook, Sony store e-books on the Sony).

      Any title without DRM can be converted (using free programs) from one format to another on your computer, and then side-loaded to your e-reader.

      I discuss the ins and outs of formats and DRM here:

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