February 2012 E-Book Sales $114.9M

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May 052012

E-Book sales for Feb 2012 cooled a bit from the record-breaking January pace, totaling $114.9M for the month. (See the note last month regarding the new methodology used to calculate these sales figures.)

Feb 2012 e-book sales: $114.9M

While impressive, these numbers are only a small increase from Feb 2011’s then-record-breaking $90.3M. According to the AAP, last February’s figure was artificially inflated due to a “one-off retail revenue transaction report” that “now makes that figure abnormally high.”

It appears print books had a banner month, pushing total sales to $578.3M, the second-highest month I’ve seen since I’ve been tracking these figures (Oct 2010 clocked in at $609.7M).

Adult Book Sales:

  • Adult Hardcover: $134.5M
  • Adult Trade Paper: $125.0M
  • Adult Mass-Market Paper: $64.6M
  • Adult E-Book: $92.5M

Young Adult Book Sales:

  • YA Hardcover: $82.9M
  • YA Trade Paper: $56.4M
  • YA E-Book: $22.4M

If those numbers are accurate, it’s the best month for mass-market paperbacks since Sep 2010, which had been in a steady decline. E-Books accounted for 19.9% of the total sales reported above, a decrease from last month, but a little above last year’s average of 19.1%.

UPDATE: Religious e-books accounted for $7,600,000, bringing the total to $122.5M for the month.

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  1. Ethan says:

    It’s interesting that mass paperbacks keep falling lower and lower. I read both novels and ebooks and personally all the books that are in mass that I want to read cost MORE or about the same as an ebook version. I’d rather have the tangible product at that point.

  2. Always Write says:

    Hi Ethan, thanks for stopping by and for the comment!

    Most readers I’ve talked to agree with you — as do I — that e-books should cost less than the least-expensive print version of a book. I think we’re seeing that more and more often (and that will continue to be the trend), because it is undeniable that there are some savings with e-books. And I think they should be passed on to the reader, although there is not always agreement over how much those savings really are.

    (More info here: http://www.davidderrico.com/cost-breakdowns-e-books-vs-printed-books/)

    Personally, I think e-books should be much less expensive that paperbacks (hence why I price mine at only $2.99). But there should certainly be some savings.

    As more and more e-books are priced reasonably (below their mass-market counterparts), I think we’ll see MMP sales continue to suffer.

  3. Abolade Nkosi Tayo says:

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